Workshops in Spanish

en Español

There are over 19 million Hispanic employees in the American workforce. Approximately 50% are Spanish dominant and prefer to speak Spanish at home and in the workplace.

Hispanic employees have an enviable work ethic. Unfortunately, the overwhelming majority of Hispanic team leaders, supervisors and front line employees receive minimal professional training, and as a result, lack the skills to develop into successful leaders.

First generation, non-English fluent Hispanic employees prefer to learn in their native language. Even though they may have a basic knowledge of English, when given a choice, they favor Spanish as the language of instruction.

There is a considerable difference between teaching ESL (English as A Second Language) and Leadership Skills concepts. Teaching a language leads to improved conversational skills. Teaching ideas and skills lead to improved behavioral changes in the workplace.

It makes good business sense to reach the hearts and minds of Spanish-speaking team leaders and supervisors in the language they know intimately. Our uniquely talented certified trainer, Isaac Botbol, will deliver a high-impact workshop for your team!

So, contact us now to tap into the leadership potential of this critical part of your workforce.