Certified Facilitators

Our Certified Facilitators are rigorously selected by The L Group and are highly regarded in their fields.  They each facilitate highly interactive, high-impact experiences for participants.  Our Certified Facilitators have an average of 25 years experience spanning all industries and organizational levels.  Their profiles appear below.

IsaacBotbol.gifIsaac Botbol is one of The L Group’s select Certified Facilitators. He is a bilingual trainer with 20 years of experience developing and delivering leadership skills workshops to food processing, manufacturing, medical and hospitality industries. He has also worked in Mexico, Central and Latin America. His clients include: SaraLee Foods, CSM Bakery and Workforce Solutions.

Isaac is dedicated to the learning needs of non-English fluent, Hispanic supervisors and front line employees.

First generation Hispanic employees have specific learning styles and preferences. They are deeply rooted in practicality and they prefer learning that is experientially based. Isaac has developed workshops and learning products that are specifically suited for their workplace learning needs.

Learning occurs when there is trust and a connection between the facilitator and the participants. Isaac is very familiar with the various Hispanic cultures and he is able to communicate with them in the Spanish language and lingo they know and understand.

Isaac delivers training in both a live, instructor-led setting, as well as through a series of webinars. Some of the topics include: Leadership Skills for Supervisors, Motivating through Effective Feedback Skills, and others.


shari-barthShari Barth s one of The L Group’s select Certified Facilitators. Shari has more than 16 years experience in training (assessment, design, development, and delivery), consulting (internal and external), coaching (individuals, teams, and departments), and project management (large and small scale).

Before founding Optimal Training Solutions (a fully certified woman-owned business) in 2001, Shari was a Performance Improvement Consultant for JCPenney Direct Marketing Services, where she managed the design, development and delivery of customer loyalty training that helped retain 1.4 million customers. Prior to her work at JCPenney, Shari was a Senior Change Management Consultant for Andersen Consulting (now Accenture), where she helped develop the firm’s Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award training materials, and helped clients prepare for and successfully adapt to change.

Over the years, Shari has received numerous training certifications and honors. One of those is the prestigious Million Dollar Award, given to Problem Solving and Decision Making instructors whose workshop participants have collectively saved their organizations over a million dollars. Participants in Shari’s workshops have tracked savings currently in excess of $25,000,000.

Listed below is some additional information about Shari’s background:

  • Shari’s stand-up training experience includes meeting facilitation and train-the-trainer certifications, as well as soft-skill, professional development workshops and functional job training classes.
  • Shari is a seasoned consultant and coach, having served this role as both an internal employee and as an external resource. She has worked in the insurance, direct marketing, customer service, mortgage, telemarketing, retail, consumer products, utilities, healthcare, and banking industries.
  • Shari’s instructional design experience includes developing workshops from scratch, as well as customizing and re-designing existing workshops. Course content has included everything from soft-skill, professional development curriculums to functional job training subject matter.

Shari holds a Bachelor of Arts degree from The University of Michigan. She enjoys living in Plano, Texas with her husband and two young daughters.


tim-durkinTim Durkin is one of The L Group’s select Certified Facilitators.   Tim has worked for Xerox, IBM, Ernst & Young, and Trammell Crow Family Interests.  He is a sought-after trainer, speaker and consultant.  An expert on leadership, driving successful change within organizations, and results-based performance, Tim has worked with Ford, Bank of America, Ernst and Young, NASA, GE, Exxon Mobil, GM, IBM and many others.  In addition, he has successfully helped many small, entrepreneurial companies, not-for-profits, and civic organizations develop healthy cultures of high performance. 

Stephen Covey, acclaimed best-selling author, called Tim Durkin “one of the most amazing people I have ever met."


ilayne-geller.jpgIlayne J. Geller, Ph.D., is one the The L Group’s select Certified Facilitators.  She has over 18 years of experience in the organizational development, management development and training fields with a proven track record of increasing employee effectiveness in the accomplishment of corporate goals. Ilayne's ability to establish and foster trusting relationships with senior management and staff, achieve customer-focused results and solve organizational issues in an innovative, practical and bottom-line oriented approach are the key contributors to her success.

Ilayne is a seminar leader and designer for the American Management Association (AMA).  In addition, Ilayne was featured in the article, "Trained to Sell" in the March 1998 issue of Selling Power and wrote an article for the November 1999 issue of Perspectives, a publication of the American Society of Training and Development (ASTD) Dallas Chapter.

Before starting her own consulting firm, Ilayne was an internal organizational development consultant for an international telecommunications company, a senior director of organizational development for a national health care alliance, a training director for a health care supply company and a trainer at a premier cancer center.

Prior to entering the organizational development and training fields, Ilayne was an adjunct professor and managed an instructional television facility at a major university.

Ilayne received her Ph.D. in culture and communications and her M.A. in instructional design and technology from New York University. She graduated Magna Cum Laude with a B.A. from Queens College in New York.

Ilayne is a member of the American Society for Training and Development, the local chapter of the Organizational Development Network, and is a volunteer at Operation Kindness – a no-kill animal shelter.


david-reed.JPGDavid Reed is one of The L Group’s select Certified Facilitators.  He has served with Andersen Consulting, Exxon, and Walt Disney World. 

David’s mission is to help organizations of all types and sizes improve their effectiveness by getting the right people (Human Resources) doing the right things (Operations) with the right attitude (Customer Service) with the right tools (Technology) and for the right money (Finances).

David is the author of an easy read customer service book titled Monday Morning Customer Serviceand conducts customer service training and consulting, and speaking for a variety of organizations.  His focus is on facilitating change in the culture that will have a long lasting impact on the way a company treats their customers.  He travels throughout the country, helping schools, churches, corporations, and government agencies identify their strengths and weaknesses.  Then, by working with leadership teams and teaching simple processes, he helps organizations create and implement common-sense solutions to their problems.

David received degrees in Chemical Engineering and Computer Science from Texas A&M University.


Yoram SolomonDr. Yoram Solomon is one the The L Group’s select Certified Facilitators.  Yoram worked for Texas Instruments, Interphase Corporation, PCTEL, and started several startup companies. He is also a former Israeli Defense Forces 35th airborne, and USAF Civil Air Patrol mission pilot.  As an author, he has published four books and many articles, and was named one of the top 40 Innovation Bloggers for 2015 (#12). He is a former professor of technology and industry forecasting at the University of Texas at Dallas, and a National Speakers Association member. He holds nine patents and many innovation awards, and was named “TI’s great innovator.”

Yoram's expertise lies in building a corporate culture, team dynamics, and individual training that support creativity through administering assessments, facilitating ideation workshops, and coaching intervention and implementation.

Yoram received a doctorate in Organization and Management, Capella University, his MBA from University of Colorado and his Juris Doctorate from Tel-Aviv University.