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Stick with It

The game is won by those who EXECUTE their strategies.

Challenges for today’s leaders are always changing, but the formula for winning remains the same. The key to winning the game is focusing on "how" more than "what". In other words, strategy gets you in the game – execution gets you in the winner’s circle.

Based on the best-selling book, this fast-paced, interactive workshop reveals the secret to success for high achieving individuals and teams: Focus, Competence and Passion.


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Saying NO (1m:34s)

Competence builds Confidence (1m:00s)



Passionate Performance

Did you know that 83% of U.S. gross domestic product comes from services or information which are created and delivered by people?

The challenge for leaders is revealed in a Gallup poll showing that only 26% of U.S. employees are fully engaged at any time. On the other end of the spectrum, 19% of employees are actively disengaged, meaning they intentionally act in ways that negatively impact their organizations. The annual cost nationwide to employ this actively disengaged group exceeds $300 billion.

Your people – and the performance they deliver – are the defining competitive advantage for your organization.

Your leaders are the key to engaging employees’ minds and hearts so they deliver value for your organization.

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Orchestrating Attitude

What ’s the single most important choice you can make for your team?

Your choice of Attitude!

The right choice can help you and your team:

  • Focus on things that yield positive results.
  • Make better decisions by asking the right questions.
  • Prevail over obstacles to meeting goals.


Additionally, a landmark study shed light on the ultimate benefit of a positive attitude. In this particular study, participants who were more positive lived an average of 10 years longer than the other participants. Considering that smoking has been shown to reduce life expectancy by 5.5 years for men and 7 years for women, your attitude might be a health risk factor worth paying real attention to.

The topic of attitude can be conceptual and confusing. In fact, as we go through life we often hear phrases like: "keep your chin up," "look on the bright side" or "you need a winning attitude." Unfortunately, we seldom know how convert these soft sayings into hard results.

The great news is that even in the worst situations your attitude is something you can always control!

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The Specifics of Accountability

"How do I boost accountability on my team?" This is the most pervasive question being asked by leaders today. It is being asked in start-ups and in Fortune 500 companies.

Accountability is like rain. Everyone knows it's good for you, but nobody wants to get wet.

The term "accountability" is so frequently used without supporting actions that it loses its meaning with organizations. This predictably erodes a culture of accountability.

Lack of specificity is the Achilles heel of Accountability. Specific expectations, specific coaching and specific language accelerate winning results and relationships.

The topic is based on Lee Colan's 15 years of helping leading organizations execute their plans by boosting accountability. He dedicated a full chapter to this topic in his latest book, Stick with It: Mastering the Art of Adherence.

This interactive session will boost your team's accountability and drive results ... fast!

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The 5 Coaching Habitrs of Excellent Leaders

Reliability is the building block of great individual and team performance. 

Excellent leaders start with themselves. Lead your team to reliable results by first committing to personal reliability.

Next, as an excellent leader apply the 5 coaching habits to:

  • Gain alignment

  • Ignite engagement

  • Enlist ownership

  • Enhance accountability

  • Deepen commitment.

Together with your team achieve The Reliability Advantage!

This simple, yet powerful model (see below) has been field tested with over 20,000 leaders. 


Watch this quick clip of Lee Colan talking about The 5 Coaching Habits.