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Sticking To It Learning Reinforcement Kit
by Lee J. Colan
Sticking To It Learning Reinforcement Kit

Perfect to help to drive sustained learning and performance!

Kit includes:

  • 1 Sticking to It book
  • 1 At-a-Glance Reminder Card
  • 1 “WIN” Post-it Note Pad.
  • 1 Sticking to It Wristband

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Companion Resources :


Sticking to It: The Art of Adherence - Win or Lose? You Choose.

The game is won by those who EXECUTE their strategies. "Sticking To It: The Art of Adherence" reveals the secrets to success for high-achieving individuals and teams.   Read it and win! $9.95


Sticking To It Application Kit - The game is won by those who EXECUTE their strategies.  This comprehensive training kit provides insights and applications to help your teams consistently execute their plans. $399.95


Sticking To It Presentation (downloadable) - This dynamic presentation is a great tool to build Adherence to your plans!

Share the strategies from this book with your organization’s leaders. Use this presentation at your next staff meeting, conference or brown-bag lunch. $99.95


STI - Adherence At-a-Glance reminder cards - Perfect to reinforce the key points from the workshop. Insprining, full-color image of climber and WIN on back of card. (set of 10) $19.95


STI - Post-it Notes pads (set of 10) - These 4X6" notepads are great for spreading the word about sticking to your plans. $34.95


STI - Wristbands (set of 10) - These slick wristbands are perfect reminders to turn your intentions into actions. Just look down at your wrist daily to focus your thoughts on your goals... your success! $24.95


STI - Facilitator's Guide and PowerPoint CD - Dynamic PowerPoint presentation (80 slides). CD also contains template invitation, follow-up memo, workshop feedback form and stratigic action plan template. Facilitator Guide is filled with speaking notes, exercises, stories and tools (90+ pgs.) $249.95


Sticking to It Participant Kit - This Participant Kit helps ensure optimal learning and involvement of all participants in your workshop. The takeaways help extend the learning process so each participant can WIN! $29.95


Sticking to It Participant Guide (set of 10) - Packed with practical tips, inspiration and exercises (40+ pgs.). $199.00