FAST TRACK TeleClasses

Inspire your entire team at any location with just one call!

We live and lead in an information-rich, time-poor world. FAST TRACK TeleClasses are quick and content rich, so your leaders can spend less time training and more time getting results!

It’s a high-impact, broad-reaching way to cut through the clutter and deliver practical strategies to ALL your leaders… no matter where they are.

Each TeleClass is presented by best selling author and executive advisor, Lee J. Colan. You can even invite an unlimited number of participants!

Start with our Ultimate Advantage series. Become the Ultimate Leader! Learn how to better manage your plans, people and attitude. This three-part TeleClass is based on the best-selling books:

Each TeleClass is 45 minutes (30 minute presentation by the author and 15 minute Q&A).

Drive results - FAST - in your organization!

For additional topics and details e-mail or call 972-250-9989.

Thanks, Lee! I am getting calls and emails from our employees who are getting a lot of value from your TeleClasses. Thank you for making me look like a genius!

Krys Moskal
Vice President, People Development