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Every leader must genuinely believe in his/her organization's purpose and plan. As Winston Churchill said, "Before you can inspire with emotion, you must be swamped with it yourself. Before you can move their tears, your own must flow. To convince them, you must yourself believe.

The ultimate objective of a strategic planning process is not to create a good plan. Rather, it is to create a plan that can be executed with passion. Therefore, we cut-through-the-clutter to eliminate noise in the planning process and maintain a clear line of sight to executing the plan ... even as we are developing it.

Answering simple questions about your business provides clarity and focus for investment, talent development, market niches and operational priorities.

Our cut-through-the clutter process yields clear thinking and a focused plan that answers the Six Simple Questions.

  1. Why do we exist?

  2. Where are we going?

  3. How will we conduct ourselves?

  4. What will we do (and not do)?

  5. How will we measure success?

  6. What improvements or changes must we make?

Answering these questions (and making corresponding budget adjustments) will get you started with a solid plan you can adhere to.


The plan also includes:

  • Initiatives that must be accomplished in the first year and first quarter.

  • Agreed to and documented initiatives you will stop doing or not pursue.

  • Solutions to manage organizational and market weakness and leverage strengths.

  • Easy-to-read and easy-to-update scoreboard for key performance metrics.

  • The story behind the plan – the WHY.

We help you develop a multi-channeled communication to roll-out and reinforce your plan in a compelling way.


Client Impact

Since the real test of a good plan is how successfully it was executed, see our client comments about how their plans were executed ...

Lee brought a clear and simple approach to our strategic planning process. His diligent preparation, expert facilitation and practical coaching along the way was the glue that brought the strategy together. The resulting plan was easily communicated and well-received by our board and our employees. Most importantly, the plan was able to executed and help created significant value for our shareholders.

Mike Barnes,
Chairman & CEO, Francesca's
(formerly Group CEO, Signet Jewelers)


We have successfully applied Colan's powerful tools for 12 years to help drive our business growth and organizational engagement. Stick with It delivers another clear model and supporting tools presented in Colan's practical and actionable style. We have integrated his thinking into our business which has been an important factor in our ability to adapt and thrive in the market.

Barry E. Davis, President & CEO
Crosstex Energy Services


Stick with It simplifies the complex topic of business execution. We have applied these concepts to create winning business results and a winning culture.

Paul Spiegelman, CEO
The Beryl Companies


The Art of Adherence is to Strategy what The Theory of Relativity is to Physics. It's just as compelling but much simpler. Why settle for anything less than eloquent execution and stratospheric success? You don't have to with Stick with It as your guide book.

Ronald G Rossetti, Esq., Associate Vice President, Trial Division
Nationwide Insurance


We have applied the concepts from Stick With It and we have won! Colan's practical approach makes the hard work of execution very logical, and this book lays it all out clearly and simply.

Andrew Levi, CEO
Aztec Systems


Lee, your facilitation was invaluable. I have received many very positive comments about our strategic planning session, largely because of your guidance and focus! Thank you.

Janet S. Holland, FACHE
President, ACHE North Texas


The Adherence Equation presented in this book is perhaps one of the single-most important leadership formulas ever produced. There is absolutely no doubt in my mind based on personal observations that the 'stick with it' principle separates the great leaders from the good ones. The authors articulate this principle masterfully in this book and break the components – focus, competence and passion – into understandable and applicable actions. I not only read the original 2003 edition in one day, I took my entire Leadership Team through it. I plan on doing the same with this book!

Larry Taylor, Ph.D.
Head of School
Prestonwood Christian Academy


The Stick with It model works in any company because Colan's strategies are grounded in real organizations and in the reality of human nature – not the theoretical. His passion for 'keeping it simple' gives leaders confidence they can successfully create positive change.

Joe Bosch
Chief Human Resources Officer


Colan's cut-through-the-clutter approach to strategy enabled us to spend more time on important questions about our business. The Art of Adherence does the same thing when it's time to put the strategy to work and execute. Stick with It brings it all together in a quick-read and easy to apply format.

Mike Barnes, Group CEO 
Signet Jewelers


The Adherence Equation (Focus x Competence x Passion) is a powerful formula for driving growth and winning in today's market. Stick with It balances research with real-world examples to deliver field-tested tools. You can read it on Friday and apply it on Monday.

John Walker, COO


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