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"Everyone needs a coach."  - Bill Gates, founder, Microsoft


The L Group's business consultants and executive coaches, led by Lee J. Colan and Julie Davis-Colan, combine their real-world corporate leadership experience with proven solutions and tools. 

This summary of The Power of Positive Coaching illustrates how we help our clients inspire winning results and relationships.

They cut through the clutter to help you navigate the maze of daily leadership challenges.

With clear thinking and practical tools, our coaching process helps you achieve:                            Navigation Guides:

  • Higher levels of personal and team productivity.

  • Elevated team functioning so you can lead at a higher level.

  • More confident, effective decisions.

  • Reduced internal barriers to growth.

Together we tackle questions to elevate your performance on the three levels of leadership: Personal, Team and Organization (that’s the origin of our name, The L Group, and the logo with three stacked L’s).

Our Executive NavigationSM coaching is driven by two simple questions:

  • What improvement in your business do you need to make?
  • What do you personally need to change to drive that business improvement?



1. Assess leadership style or review recent assessment feedback.

2. Identify desired personal improvements and business results.

3. Plan specific actions for 6 months to achieve desired results. 

4. Execute the plan with bi-weekly, 45-minute navigation calls with unlimited 24/7 access to your executive coach to:

  • Maintain focus on desired results and accountability for agreed to actions.
  • Build competence (skills and systems) using our 100+ proprietary tools.
  • Measure results.


A sampling of additional questions that we can help you address include:

Personal Leadership:

  • How can I decide what to stop doing so I can focus on what’s most important?

  • How can I consistently communicate and live my personal and organizational values?

  • How can I dedicate more time to longer-range, strategic goals?

  • How can I better balance my work and family commitments?

Team Leadership:

  • How do I create a vision that my team will be passionate about?

  • How do I build a high-performing team?

  • How should I handle my top performer who has a horrible attitude?

  • How do I engage the minds and hearts of my team?

  • How do I help my team be more accountable for results?

Organization Leadership:

  • How do I design a scalable organization structure?

  • How can I consistently keep the entire organization informed of our strategic initiatives?

  • How can I elevate myself from the day-to-day details so I work on the business vs. work in it?

  • How do I keep the same organizational culture as we continue to grow?

  • How do I identify the “one thing” that every team member should be focused on? And how do we measure it?

Client Impact

Lee is the pinnacle of an executive coach. He has keen insight into honing the skills of any top executive to drive repeatable performance and deliver outsized results. I began working with Lee to improve my work life balance. He immediately focused on improving my effectiveness at work by providing tools and council to elevate my personal leadership. The outcomes have been remarkable, repeatable and have become a habit by which I work!

Daryll Howard
Vice President, Rocky Mountains,
Newfield Exploration

Julie did an excellent job of providing customized coaching for each of our managers she worked with. Providing real life lesson plans for them to use in working with their teams. Well worth the time and effort of our managers. Excellent job Julie!

SC Inman
Yaga's Entertainment, Inc.

I just wanted to take a minute and thank you again for our sessions. There is no doubt these are difficult times, yet, I always feel better after our calls. I come out of them energized and ready to plow forward. And your e-mail tidbits of wisdom seem even more relevant these days. Thanks again – your help is making a big difference!

David Irwin
Irwin Development Group, LLC

Thank you so much for all of your support and coaching over this past year.  Your perspective has helped me put a new lens on the workplace, and I have lots of new tools to put into action.

Layla B
Marketing Director
Fortune 500 Company

Colan is a truly elite corporate coach.

Mark Blinn


Lee is part of what I might call my network of experts. Very important for a CEO to have a non-board of directors, outside group of experts. Some establish it more formally as a board of advisors in some cases. Lee is a key resource for me and has been for over a decade in all areas of organizational development, alignment with strategies and dealing appropriately with people related issues. As one example, as a relatively new CEO, I was faced with the tech wreck of 2001 and had to make very difficult people reduction decisions. Lee met me at my house on a Sunday to review the process we had discussed before the Monday morning that I had to implement these very difficult decisions. With his help, we made the best of a tough situaiton with a good process, clear communications and professional respect for all employees, affected or not. The stress of that situation on me was very high and thanks to Lee's help it turned into a good growth opportunity for me and the company as a whole. What doesn't kill you, makes you stronger as the saying goes. That is just one example of many through the years where Lee's counsel, advice and coaching has helped me do a better job as CEO of ASSET InterTech for the benefit of our customers, employees and shareholders.

Glenn Woppman
ASSET InterTech


Colan is the IMAX of corporate coaches!

Charles L. Sterling, Ed.D.
Chairman and CEO
Sterling Enterprises


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