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This model of employee engagement spans industries, cultures and generations because it is based on six universal human needs. Lee introduced the model in his rapid-read book, Passionate Performance. Five years later, McGraw-Hill published the hardcover, expanded and enhanced version titled, Engaging the Hearts and Minds of All your Employees which became a bestseller.  This award-winning program has been translated into 9 languages and applied worldwide.

The key to Passionate Performance is found within the minds and hearts of employees where basic human needs are fulfilled. It’s a simple but powerful formula: When my needs are fulfilled, I am engaged and I perform at my peak ability. When my needs are met, I’m motivated to help those who meet my needs. When my needs are not met, I’m frustrated, out of control, unfocused, and disconnected – in a word, disengaged.

We all have these basic human needs, and they have remained the same amidst the tornado of external change. Times have changed, and our world has certainly changed, but people have not. In many organizations today, these basic needs still go unfulfilled. It’s up to you as the leader to fulfill them.

To meet these needs, leaders must first see them and acknowledge them. In order to see them, leaders must view their employees as people and not just workers. If you look at your employees as people, you can identify these six basic needs – three intellectual and three emotional:

Engaged minds build your employees’ performance and engaged hearts build their passion – they go hand in hand. You ignite Passionate Performance only when all three intellectual and all three emotional needs are fulfilled and you connect minds and hearts.


Client Impact

Smart Business Cover Story

Click here to see how we helped this client build an engaging culture while they experienced 100% annualized growth for 5 straight years.

Passionate Performance provides a compelling formula for managers, addressing six basic employee needs. In Asia, many senior managers would agree that they should be providing these basic needs, but in reality, they are easily overlooked. The 180 degree assessment is a great wake up for managers. It provides enough "umph" for managers to make a change and focus on providing these basic needs. Passionate Performance will contribute in our efforts in tightening our consumer connection to our brands because employees will be more engaged and focused on making the experience memorable.

Rob Buckner, Director


Passionate Performance is the secret sauce to today's leading organizations.

Jim Thyen, President and CEO
Kimball International


Colan has an ability to accentuate what leaders are already doing well, while helping them apply new and different techniques for leading more effectively. Passionate Performance emphasizes meeting both intellectual and emotional needs of associates. The Passionate Performance Model helped to successfully prepare our managers to engage their teams as we executed our strategy.

Sara E. Lee, Director, Human Resources
Pier 1 Imports


Passionate Performance is being applied by leading organizations including corporations, government agencies, hospitals, banks, churches, schools and military:

ABF ♦ Aflac ♦ AIG ♦ Alamo Group Inc. ♦ Allstate Insurance ♦ Amazon.com ♦ American Heart Association ♦ AMCOR ♦ Bank of America ♦ BellSouth ♦ Berlex Laboratories ♦ BlueCross BlueShield ♦ Border Books & Music ♦ Botsford General Hospital ♦ BP ♦ Bristol-Myers Squibb ♦ Carnival Cruise Lines ♦ ChartOne ♦ Chili’s ♦ CitiFinancial Auto ♦ City of Los Angeles ♦ Conway Southern Express ♦ Countrywide Financial Corporation ♦ Crosstex Energy Services ♦ Cummins ♦ Curves ♦ Darling Homes ♦ Davidson Hotels ♦ Dow Corning Corporation ♦ Ellijay Telephone Company ♦ Ernst & Young ♦ Faith Baptist Bible College ♦ Federated Department Stores, Inc. ♦ FedEx ♦ Hanover Compressor Company ♦ Harrah’s Entertainment ♦ Hennepin County ♦ Heritage Healthcare ♦ Honeywell Aerospace ♦ Hoosier Energy ♦ Integris Baptist Regional International Paper ♦ Isle of Capri Casino ♦ JB Colts Restaurants, Inc. ♦ Jefferson Pilot Financial ♦ Jiffy Lube ♦ JPMorgan Chase ♦ KFC ♦ Kids in Common ♦ KonicaMinolta Business Solutions ♦ KPMG ♦ Manpower Staffing ♦ Marathon Ashland Petroleum ♦ Maple Grove Covenant Church ♦ Mayor’s Jewelers ♦ MBNA ♦ Mercedes Benz USA ♦ Nationwide Insurance ♦ Naturally Women Fitness Centers ♦ Navy Army Federal Credit Union ♦ New Penn Motor Express, Inc. ♦ Northrop Gruman ♦ Noven Pharmaceuticals ♦ Pei Wei Asian Diner ♦ People en Espanol ♦ Philips Semiconductors ♦ Pictures Plus ♦ Pinnell's Carpet One ♦ Porter-Cable/Delta ♦ Prudential Network Realty ♦ Reuters ♦ Riceland Foods, Inc. ♦ Rite Aid Corporation ♦ Rosewood Hotels & Resorts ♦ Sam's Club ♦ Saturn ♦ Sbarros ♦ Scranton Gillette ♦ Shriner s Hospitals for Children ♦ Siemens Medical Solutions USA, Inc. ♦ Sodexho ♦ SoftBrands ♦ Spalding University ♦ St. John Knits ♦ Standard Insurance Company ♦ Staples ♦ State Farm Insurance ♦ STERIS Corporation ♦ SYSCO ♦ Tabernacle Christian Center ♦ Texas Instruments ♦ The Hanover Company ♦ The Reader's Digest Association, Inc. ♦ TXU ♦ Universal Fidelity Corp. ♦ University of Colorado ♦ UPS ♦ Verizon Wireless ♦ Wal-Mart ♦ Wells Fargo Bank ♦ Wendy's International ♦ Weyerhaeuser ♦ Whole Foods Market ♦ Zale Corporation


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