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PLAN your Growth

Create a Compelling Plan

Management journals, books and articles are filled with countless approaches to strategic planning. Additionally, definitions for the various components of a strategy can be debated endlessly.

So, we use a simple model – whether you are planning your business strategy, innovation process, product road map, collaboration roles, accountability rhythm or market growth. It's a model we have used to help leading organizations turn their plans into results.

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If you are going to create a plan, the plan should work for you.

It comes down to six simple questions....


EXECUTE your Plan

Master the Art of Adherence

When you consistently sharpen Focus, build Competence and ignite Passion, you plant the seeds of victory. Initially, you may not see tangible results, but rest assured growth is occurring under the surface. As you stick with it, momentum builds, creating a self-reinforcing cycle of victory.

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To help you craft a winning plan, then win with your plan, we draw upon 25 years of corporate leadership, field research, executive consulting, and training with many of the world's leading organizations.



ENGAGE your Team

Ignite Passionate Performance

The key to Passionate Performance is found within the minds and hearts of employees where basic human needs are fulfilled. It's a simple but powerful formula: When my needs are fulfilled, I am engaged and I perform at my peak ability.

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Engaged minds build your employees’ performance and engaged hearts build their passion – they go hand in hand. You ignite Passionate Performance only when all three intellectual and all three emotional needs are fulfilled and you connect minds and hearts.


ALIGN your Culture

Culture Systems Alignment

Culture can be a very complex topic, with consultants drawing wall-sized models to explain cultural dynamics. Warren Buffet said, "There seems to be some perverse human characteristic that likes to make easy things difficult." The best leaders understand complex concepts like culture and boil them down into simple terms. For example, creating culture can be expressed with a simple, two-word formula:



ELEVATE your Leadership

Executive Navigation

We advise executives to help them effectively navigate the maze of day-to-day and strategic challenges. Guaranteed to improve leadership impact. We help steer you straight when it comes to strategic challenges and tactical decisions.

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MANAGE your Growth

Grow Bigger and Better

From working in and consulting with high-growth organizations for 25+ years, Lee developed the Top 10 Risk Factors for Growing Companies. These risk factors are not inherently bad for your business; the key is proactively managing them. We help you manage these predictable growth-related risks to build a scalable organization with sustainable profitability.

ASSESS your Organization

5-Point Check-up

Our 5-Point Check-up is a 27-day assessment and can be conducted on a departmental, division or company-wide level and covers the five growth enablers. We deliver a 120-day road map containing specific actions, resources and timing needed to meet your business objective.