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5-Point Check-up


Our 5-Point Check-up is a 27-day assessment and can be conducted on a departmental, division or company-wide level and covers these growth enablers:

  1. Processes/Systems
    Processes – Manual methods used to accomplish tasks within your department.
    Systems – Automated methods used to accomplish tasks within your department.

  2. Roles/Structure
    Roles – Expectations for how an employee should use his/her skills to achieve the department's goals.
    Structure – How the different roles within your department interact.

  3. Skills/Knowledge
    Complete set of knowledge and skills that employees use to execute your department's systems and processes (i.e., accomplish the department's goals).

  4. Leadership
    Clarity of vision in addition to communication, support and decision making for realizing that vision.

  5. Culture
    Intentional reinforcement of behaviors that help us realize our vision and the kind workplace we want to be.

In addition to our deep understanding of business, organizational dynamics and people, we collect data using:

  • Prep questions completed by department leaders

  • One-one-one business discussions with department leaders

  • Business documentation review

  • Operational observation

We deliver our observations and recommendations in a collaborative, facilitated working session with the executive team. The deliverable is a 120-day road map containing specific actions, resources and timing needed to meet your business objective whether it's sustained growth, readiness for change, organizational alignment, competitive sharpening, etc.


Client Impact

The L Group's 5 Point Check-up enabled us to prioritize and identify the high-impact areas during a critical time in the life of our business. The resulting 120-day plan ultimately formed the foundation for our next phase of growth.

Andrew Levi, CEO
Blue Calypso

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 Since this service is inherently an assessment of your organization, the first and only step is to contact us to have a brief discussion.