Our Guiding Principles... and what YOU get

Seek First to Understand

With thanks to Stephen Covey, we consistently employ this habit of highly effective people. We actively listen to our clients and their employees because they are the most valid source of organizational information. We involve employees in designing their solutions to organizational challenges.

You get more buy-in and less resistance to our solutions.



We believe that there is sophistication in simplicity. As a result, we have a "one page" approach when presenting any plan, solution or model. This also frequently enables an executive team to use the same one-page presentation to communicate to employees.

You get minimal data with maximum information for efficient decision making.



Everything is relative to our environment – performance, communication, success, satisfaction, etc. The effectiveness of a new program, structure or process depends on many interdependent systems. We take an interdependent approach to actions and consequences known as a systems approach.

You get relevant, sustained solutions that fit your business needs.


People Want to Contribute

People innately want to contribute to something bigger than themselves, and they want to feel a sense of self-worth and accomplishment. We design solutions with this principle in mind.

You get greater contributions of discretionary effort from your employees.


Crystal-clear Communication

The foundation for successfully managing an organizational change or a client relationship is the same – clear communication. Times of change and ambiguity require consistent, multi-channeled and layered communication. We will ensure that you and your employees have a crystal-clear vision of the project.

You get what we agree to - no surprises.



We believe that our success is a result of our passion for our purpose: enabling our clients to build high-performing organizations by helping employees work more effectively. We believe our business is as much about who we are as what we do. Therefore, we have a personal vested interest in our clients' success.

You get a resource who is committed to your success.