Lee is a great personal business coach and a compassionate mentor.  As a business unit leader, I worked with Lee for a little over a year to elevate the performance of the business unit and drive a culture of performance deep into the organization.  The results were outstanding as we hit every goal and performance metric during that plan year.  His book Stick With It was the basis and proved to be a valuable tool.  It should be in the tool box of every leader that desires to deliver business results.

Daryll Howard, COO, Fuse Energy

Lee‘s approach to coaching others for success is outstanding.  He does a great job of keeping it simple so that leaders can both learn from his resources as well as use to grow individuals in their departments.  Lee is a true leader and change agent by "Keeping it simple, fun with a smiling and encouraging approach.

Patricia Headley, Assistant Administrator, Bay Medical Center-Sacred Heart Health System

Lee has always been a master of weeding out complex, impractical formulas and theories to arrive at fundamental, effective solutions to business and life.  Stick with It sets a new standard of clarity and simplicity for any organization, big or small, wanting to turn their ideas into reality.

Carl Lapiska, Bombardier Aerospace

Lee Colan is not only a successful businessman, leader and great verbal communicator - he writes a great book!  His simple, clean and carefully worded prose makes reading this book a joy.  Real world examples provide positive reinforcement for each point made. Simplicity - focus - prioritization - visibility - meeting effectiveness - accountability - Lee handles all of these important issues with wit and clarity.  I heartily recommend Stick with It to leaders and their teams.

Bryon Potter, Vice Chairman & CEO, DW Distribution

The L Group is a big part of the culture of our company and my personal values.  I have utilized the easy to read and apply management books with my staff for years.  The Inspirational Cards are used to inspire and acknowledge the greatness of our employees and family members.  The daily messages set my compass for the day and the video‘s allow us to share the messages of Love and Service to others.  We are BLESSED by the L Group.

Dirk T. Davis, CEO, Sunshine Dairy Foods

Persistence and perseverance – to me, two of the most important attributes of a great leader.  Lee and Julie provide a wonderful field guide for those committed to developing great strategies and ideas, but most importantly, executing them with excellence.

Melissa Reiff, President, The Container Store

About 6 years ago I was thrust into a President/CEO position for which I felt well qualified but ill prepared.  Shortly thereafter I found Lee's Weekend Inspirations and Leadership Letters.  Soon I was buying the books.  I found his insight very helpful and I began sharing the emails and books with my management and supervisory teams.  Last year I took the plunge and engaged Lee to assist in our corporate strategic planning.  With his guidance, our mission and vision became clear, organized and presentable. Lee's services have been invaluable.

Daniel P Montgomery, CEO, Fitz Industries

I have known Lee for close to 10 years both personally and professionally.  He has been extremely instrumental in assisting me in my coaching and mentoring practice "Quest for Significance" .  As a guest speaker and motivator he is phenomenal and as a mentor and coach he has been extraordinary.  His books "Defining Moments" and "Stick with It" have been especially helpful to me and my coaching group.

Richard Kelsheimer, COO of Strickland Financial Life Insurance Group

I haven’t met another organizational consultant/partner who provides these kinds of messages and guidance in such a useful, thought-provoking format.

Lysa C. Dahlin, Sr. Vice President, HR

We have successfully applied Colan’s powerful tools for 12 years to help drive our business growth and organizational engagement.  Stick with It delivers another clear model and supporting tools presented in Colan’s practical and actionable style.  We have integrated his thinking into our business which has been an important factor in our ability to adapt and thrive in the market.

Barry E. Davis, President & CEO, EnLink Midstream

Colan‘s cut through the clutter approach to strategy enabled us to spend more time on important questions about our business.  The Art of Adherence does the same thing when it‘s time to put the strategy to work and execute.  Stick with It brings it all together in a quick-read and easy to apply format.

Mike Barnes, Chairman & CEO, Francesca's

Lee‘s efforts to help people go well beyond working for his clients.  He is always willing to give advice to young people and others who need help figuring out how to get themselves organized to execute.  He is a cheerful servant, always looking for opportunities to help others.

William Davis, Principal, Vaquero Midstream

Lee has been a consistent and positive presence in the business community.  He has stayed "on message" with ways for leaders to improve and impact their respective organizations.  Most of all he has done so in admirable fashion, setting an example that can be emulated by those he serves.

Jim Hess, Principal, Leapfrog HR Executives

Lee is the most pragmatic and practical expert on Leadership. His presentations, consulting, and books reflect the same pragmatic and practical approach.  His concepts and strategies are relevant, easy comprehend, and stand the test of time.

Jason Whitehair, VP, Human Resources, Ardent Health

Colan is a truly elite corporate coach.  Stick with It delivers invaluable insights into adherence – a common factor for winning leaders.  As a result, this book will quickly become a common factor for winning organizations.

Mark Blinn, CEO Flowserve