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7 Moments… That Define Excellent Leaders
by Lee J. Colan
7 Moments… That Define Excellent Leaders

How long does it take to build Leadership Excellence?  Just moments… defining moments, that is.

The moment we commit ourselves to a goal. The moment we create a compelling plan to realize our vision.   The moment of honest self-reflection that urges us to take action.  The moment we decide to invest in others.   The moment we choose to change.  The moment we take a stand for what we believe.

The difference between average and excellent can be found in moments... literally.  Seize the moment to read and apply, and you will be one step closer to leadership excellence!  7 Moments is a 136 page rapid-read book filled with inspiring stories and practical wisdom you can apply immediately.

136 pages.

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7 Moments Participant Guide - This downloadable PDF file contains a master 78-page Participant Guide. It is inspiring and interactive to enhance learning. Use it to help you deliver a high-impact workshop! Perfect to deepen learning from the 7 Moments book. $999.95


7 Moments Learning Reinforcement Kit - Perfect to help to drive sustained learning and performance! $19.95


7 Moments Presentation (downloadable) - Introduce the 7 Moments to your organization with this complete,cost-effective companion piece. All the main concepts and ideas in the book are reinforced in this professionally designed, downloadable presentation. $99.95


7 Moments - Quick Reference Desktop Tent (set of 20) - A defining and inspiring way to refer to apply the key actions from the book!

Set of 20. $59.95


7 Moments - Action Planner (set of 20) - These handy, three-panel action planners summarize the key points from the book and provide space for notes so participants can enhance their learning.

Set of 20. $49.95


7 Moments Leadership Workshop - This fast-paced, highly interactive workshop is based on the best-selling book, 7 Moments…That Define Excellent Leaders.