Winners Always Quit


Business Challenge

Are you feeling uncertain about the economy and what it means for you?

The rapid changes and multitude of inputs that surround us van be overwhelming. What should I do now? How can I ensure we can still win tomorrow?

One of the most important questions to ask today is, "What should I QUIT doing?"

We keep hearing that little voice in our heads telling us "winners never quit." Unfortunately, that little voice does not always tell us what we really need to hear.

If you want to buck the trend and conquer your competition, take advice from our latest book, Winners Always Quit. Now is the time to trade in some pretty good habits for really great results.

This workshop will ensure that what you are quitting today will have you winning tomorrow!

Target Audience

All employees. 

Workshop Length

3.5 hrs.

Workshop in Action

Watch this clip of Lee presenting this workshop on TV.

Learning Objectives

Participants will learn powerful models and practical strategies to:

  • Quit Taking a Ride . . . and Take the Wheel
  • Quit Getting Comfortable . . . and Explore the Edge
  • Quit Analyzing . . . and Follow your Intuition
  • Quit Managing your Time . . . and Manage your Attention
  • Quit Showing Interest . . . and Commit
  • Quit Moving . . . and Be Still
  • Quit Striving for Success . . . and Seek Significance


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