Our Consulting Process


We discuss your business needs, then determine if we are the right resource for your organization and assess your organizational readiness for the services you have in mind. If we cannot meet your needs, we will gladly leverage our network to help identify the appropriate resource for you.


We mutually establish clear goals and roles for the project.  This helps both parties determine necessary resources and timelines to achieve the goals.


This phase enables us to understand your business, your organization and your culture. This enables us to develop a customized, cultural-aligned solution. We collect data using interviews, focus groups, operational observation and surveys.


Partner with key staff. We take an iterative approach to ensure the design features are consistent with the projection initial vision, business objectives and organizational culture.

We bring simplicity to complex problems.  All programs and communications cut through the clutter, integrate relevant factors and address the core issues to get results – no fluff.


We continue an iterative approach to ensure the deliverables stay on target with previously determined project goals and that roles remain clear. We use our accountability tools to keep all parties on track (us included!).


Organizational self-sufficiency is our goal.  We provide tools, templates and other resources to ensure that those who have responsibility for ongoing implementation feel confident and are well equipped for success.

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