Company Profile

Whether you lead yourself, lead teams or lead organizations, The L Group is dedicated to help you tackle today's challenges with clear thinking and simple solutions.

We equip and inspire leaders at every level to engage teams and execute plans with:

  • Cut-through-the-clutter consulting based on simple, elegant models

  • Field-tested, actionable resources and tools

  • Engaging training and speaking.

The L Group was voted #8 in the 2014 national listing from for Leadership Excellence Awards for midsize service providers.

The Name

The L Group Logo

The name of our firm is based on the three level of Leadership: Personal, Team and Organizational.

The L Group (noun): identified by a Group of L's. Specifically, our logo contains three aligned L's representing the three integrated levels of leadership that drive success from the inside out:

  • Personal Leadership

  • Team Leadership

  • Organization Leadership


The L Group, Inc. was founded in 1999 as a consulting firm focused on growing organizations. The company has consistently grown and evolved. The firm has served a variety of world class organizations including Fortune 500 companies and many smaller ones. We have worked in virtually every industry including retail, energy, services, financial, manufacturing, healthcare, education and faith-based organizations.


  • Consulting: Our top-notch consultants deliver cut-through-the-clutter insights that drive results for your team.
  • Speaking: Engage your team with passionate delivery and equip them with practical tools.
  • Executive Advising: Our advisors help senior executives boost organizational, team and personal performance.
  • Resources: Rapid-read books, ready-to-use PowerPoints, training kits, audio programs, leadership assessments and note cards and posters to reinforce your values.
  • Training: Rely on our certified facilitators (English or Spanish speaking) or use our just-add-water training kits for internal delivery.

Our Work

All of our solutions are based on proprietary, field-tested models designed to boost business results through better execution and engagement.

Download our "Solutions At-a-Glance" PDF for a quick view of our consulting services and benefits to your business.

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I enjoy all of your newsletters and videos. Keep them coming; they absolutely 'make my day!!
Luv, Colleen

Colleen C. Barrett
President Emeritus, Southwest Airlines Co.